This 10 session, trainer led course is available through our regional training scheme and is suitable for SOME who are called into pastoral care, as well as the FEW who are called through leadership, training or specialist roles to resource the ALL and the SOME. The course aims to help develop a fuller understanding of, and skills in, pastoral care. It covers: a Christian perspective of pastoral care, human need, the caring relationship, listening skills, safe practice, other resources and reflective practice. A certificate of attendance is given upon completion of the 20 hours training and the additional 20 hours reflective practice elements.

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If you are interested in hosting a resourcing pastoral carers course please contact and we will put you in touch with a trainer. The course will accommodate a maximum of 20 members and some costs are involved which are variable depending on for example:

  • any trainers fees and expenses
  • venue costs
  • whether host churches or organisations will do their own photocopying of course materials

What people have said about it:-

“This course was a real eye-opener to me. I had never really understood what was meant by “pastoral care”. I was under the impression that this was meant for pastors and official leaders of churches. But instead I found extremely valuable new information in this course and new insights; into the fact that actually we can all be pastoral carers; to encourage, help, care and nurture those who are in need. It’s great to have an opportunity, right on our doorstep, to train in such a relaxed atmosphere, with an amazing, approachable trainer, great course materials (not forgetting the fantastic food!) and to hone our knowledge and to be able to avail ourselves of appropriate skills so we can be used by God for His glory. Thank you.”

“This course has proved life-changing in terms of self evaluation and in terms of dealing with many issues which emerge in the context of pastoral care. It was also a wonderful source of Christian strengthening, mutual encouragement and growth together in fulfilling the Lord’s purposes to love your neighbour.”

“An amazing course jam packed with very useful and helpful information. Very excited to feel confident with more Pastoral Care.”

“The course was so much more than I expected, or could ever have hoped for. It not only provided valuable frameworks for Pastoral Care, but provided an insight into my position with God, in God’s work. Over the weeks, all the people on the course became friends and the reflective work revealed how intimate and trusting those relationships had become. The trainers were just so brilliant at making us all feel so welcome, loved and cared for. What a blessing!”

“Anyone who has a genuine heart for people to see them grow in character, wisdom, love and maturity should do this course regardless of their level or seniority of leadership”

“Excellent course, delivered very simply with practical examples and demonstrations which relates to life experiences. Easy to understand and great group discussions to learn from others experiences. Safe environment.”

“I found the course very invaluable for cell leaders in my church”

“The course opened my eyes to the great need of training, equipping, empowering and releasing all church members to bring hope to a broken lost world.”


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