Why is it important for us as pastoral carers to have support and encouragement for the care we offer? What can we do as a community of faith, to enable one another to flourish in the midst of human need around us? How can we access confidential, safe spaces to grow and develop and mature in faith and understanding?

We have developed Pastoral Support Groups in support of pastoral carers and are offering the following training to both members and non-members.

Here is a breakdown of what each session will consist of:

Session 1 Welcome & Foundations: to provide course introductions and foundations and opportunity for participants to consider their own pastoral journey

Session 2 Self Care & Wellbeing: to understand the importance and challenges of self-care when caring for others

Session 3 Reflective Practice: to understand the nature, purpose, value and process of reflective practice in developing our self awareness and ability to care well for others

Session 4 A Pastoral Support Group: to understand how reflective practice is effectively applied to a PSG and review course learning

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If you decide to become a member upon finishing the training, it will give you access to a small facilitated online Pastoral Support Group which will meet every 4-6 weeks for 1.5 hrs. The Groups are aimed at enabling members to share their experiences of caring for others (lighten their load), encourage one another (build one another up in love), develop self-awareness (grow and mature), gain fresh perspectives (see things differently), develop good practice (pool wisdom and share resources), keep safe and well (manage boundaries) and explore their faith in relation to their experiences (make sense of, integrate Faith).