Pastoral care uk has developed a regional training scheme, to provide local trainers for local churches and organisations. All of our trainers have undertaken training with us on a Training the Trainers course and will have some background of teaching, training and facilitating. In addition they will be members of pastoral care uk, connected into its mission and vision, have experience of being involved in pastoral care themselves and a passion to equip and resource others.

Regional trainers will respond to requests pastoral care uk receives from churches and organisations to run the Resourcing Pastoral Carer Course click here and Developing Quality Relationships workshops click here. They will also respond to requests made directly to them and will be proactive in making the course and workshop available.

Regional trainers’ costs and expenses are worked out at local level with guidelines from PCUK and may be variable depending on whether churches or organisations are for example, providing their own venue or undertaking their own photocopying of course material.

If you are interested in contacting a regional trainer to run a Resourcing Pastoral Care course (RPCC) or Developing Quality Relationships (DQR) workshop with or near you, please email: